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July 31, 2008, 2:24 am
Filed under: Daily

Ookayyy, I think it’s time to blog!

My day started very early with rina, had a quick breakkie at Jollibee and then later onnn… this was the point when the day slowly turned out to be an UNeventful one (in a funny way that is!) No need to dwell into details hehe, to *dotdot* WE (Rin & I) are very much expecting a ‘belanja package’  from you! See you sooonnnn! “Belanja package” includes; breakfast, lunch AND dinner AND preferably tarus wayang! Hahahahah! Nanti tah kami tagih lagi!

We ended up bumming around at my place, Rina ‘watching’ her magazine katanya. E! channel!

The night, went out for a bit to accompany someone who’s craving for McD’s. I ended up buying Fillet-o-fish and the apple pies. Two of those that I seldom order here (ngalih kali sudah makan fillet-o-fish di uk, tsk!). Not bad, after somewhat temporarily giving up on fillet-o-fish for quite a while, it tasted goooddd =)

Oryt, I should go to sleep now, it’s 2.23am and I’ll have to wake up early again later!

Thoughts for today:

Think before you talk. (might cause hurt on people’s part)

Rude people with rude jokes should see themselves talk, or should I say, rude people should just wash their mouths with soap, preferably using strong ones like Clorox!

Hehe. Ok, this will suffice for today.


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