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August 23, 2008, 3:07 am
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  1. Prepare necessary tools, such as a designing knife, a toothpick, a needle, a cotton pads, and a small hair dryer.
  2. Stick to outer cover front first, adjust the proper position to stick to well slowly, try one’s best to avoid bubbles, it is broken to pitch with the needle, and then flatten excellently with the cotton.
  3. The foreign shell has cell-phong of screens or the lens, heat with the hair-dryer, and then compress tightly excellently along the outline with the cotton.
  4. Is it stick to paper to draw gently, level corner place parcel paste well totally.
  5. Use the designing knife to cut off the excessive membrane along the ditches. (Notice: Careful and careful, don’t shave to the phone)
  6. Use one hundred sheets and excise the corresponding part along the outer cover screen or the lens outline. (Propose: If does not influence use, can omit this step)
  7. Put up paper with another, the back of the cell-phone is stuck to the same method.
  8. By having surplus sticking to the paper and pasting the aerial and filling the blank place left.
  9. This can stick to to stick to other articles, for instance the camera, mouse, etc.


Believe me you, I typed the whole thing word by word hahaha! Kepisan jua urang membuat instructions nya ani, luan siuk sendiri membari instructions ah! Asal ada! And back to instruction No.4, hahahha, apadeh, well totally?  Hahahaha! You crack me up! ~~~The back of the cell-phongggg is stuck to the same method! Hahahaa! ~~~


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