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pavlova kaparat.
September 2, 2008, 12:24 am
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Hahahaha, tsktsktskkkkk, my pavlova inda menjadiii!!!

Now I get why people say making pavlova is challenging if you don’t get the right texture! Pffttt, susah susah. Sia sia pun!

Frust ku eh. Won’t be trying it again anytime soon. I better stick to something I’m sure will turn out GOOD as I imagine it to be.


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cheh, ur not alone. My chocolate blancmange didnt turn out as it was supposed to like on the recipe book. but it tasted great nonetheless…=o(

Comment by wnr49

chocolate blancmange?? whats that?? heheh!! *malas ku google now*

atleast it tasted great, yg aku punya langsung kesian ah, didnt even look like a pavlova! tsk!

Comment by sza

its like chocolate mousse but with jelly-like consistency. jgn jua, i put the mixture into a fluted mould, thinking it would look pretty shaped like a uh…the mould but then it didnt set right and it turned out to be mush in the end. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. ketawa ku atu..my dad was like, apakan ni? cake inda jua cake, ice-cream inda jua ice-cream?hahahah.

Comment by wnr49

mmmMMm choco mousse! heheh! i know ryt, aku punya pav went wrong jadi pizza-like! (flat!!!) haaha but my maid sayang membuang, so she ate the ‘crust’ !!! hahaha! and the fruits on top, entah, my mum kali makan! I can’t be bothered abt it anymore hahah! frust!

Comment by sza

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