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Temperrrr, controlll.
September 7, 2008, 1:14 am
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As I was saying to someone today, kurang bar puasa ku! Marah marah marah. First off, late noon, went to the place where I sent my laptop fixed, tapi inda plang jadi di fix because they didn’t stick to their words! Hmm, long story short, cancelled the repairing over there because I so cannot afford fixing it for $150 in total when I initially, just wanted to fix something that will cost me around $20 saja! Why I have to pay $150 is a different story, malas ku ihh. Sarcastic berabis ku tadi, baik saja ku inda marah! Nah, kurang sudah tu pahala puasa.

And then soon after, met Ka Emy kajap to give me her robes, thank you Kemy, what would I do without you? Hehehe! Thank yous thank yous!

And thennn, went to Coffeezone for sungkai (which I booked wayyy earlier at noon) sekalinya sudah sampai sana, they thought I cancelled my booking! My face was like, ehh, bilaa ku kenselll???!! It was already packed by then inside, earlier when I called, I specifically told her where I wanted to sit, so yeah. Kaputs. She said I thought you cancelled. Entah aku grumpy today, so I just blurted out I DIDN’T CANCEL!!! I said I’d only call back IF I cancelled the booking! (with a sour face that is!) She quickly apologized saying, ok, ok, maam. Aduiii, kesian jua ku kan kedia heheh, so realizing I was being harsh, I quickly changed my tone and jokingly said to her, nahhh next time jangan lagi tesalah info ahh. Got my seats outside which I think is slightly better coz it’s dimmed. Thank you CZ. Food was yummyyy! Got to see a few familiar faces here and there in Gadong as well.

Ok, I’m bummed. Ngalihhh.

My Friday was greatttt! There was a spontaneous outing with the girls and out we went for sungkai at Andaman. Food was good there too, mmmm, ada ambuyat lagi! Hehehe, ada lagi urang atu basar ati me-request ambuyat arah tempat BASAR hahahaha! Next time, better NOT kiddo =P It was tons of fun, Rin had sahur tarus later that night, that’s a VERY early sahur! (according to my standard) I don’t know how you guys can do it hehe!

My Sunday will be updated later. Us Bons will be having a photoshoot with our graduation gowns! (Whose idea was this? Hah!) The idea of wanting to have our picture taken was actually wayyy back two summers ago! Tapinya kan, it never happened! Now that we’re all graduates, guess it’s about time!

Bah, laters, ngantuk! Will text my Bons later in the morning saja once I wake up. Goodnight!


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aih my dear, sebenarnya dugaan bah. I dont know whether its the hunger or the lack of sleep but i blow my fuse so easily nowadays to the point where if i hear ppl talk so loudly, i get pissed off and say, eh ruih jua eh!!!!I dont know ah, hahahaha. i really think its the hunger but hunger or not, whats the point of puasa kalau inda dapat menahan all of these things kan? hahaha.

Comment by wnr49

exactly, it is dugaan! hehehe, yatahkan puasa saja, tapi cant control the temper bah, ilang point puasa bah ulihnya heheheh!! but ahh well, gotta try to refrain one self from spitting hurtful words to others =) try harder esuk esuk esuk n the following days heheh

Comment by sza

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