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The case of ‘incase(s)’
September 16, 2008, 3:03 am
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I was just tidying up the things I have in my bag tadi, I’m going to shamelessly admit I have a lot of (un)necessary things in there hehehe! During my teenage years, I used to carry those small purses but now, I simply do not understand how some people can just bring their cash with them when they’re out haha! (I’m only referring to girls that is.)

Call me crazy, now, I have 4 lipsticks of different shades (!!!!), 2 lip-glosses also of different shades, 1 lip balm, 1 concealer (!!!?!), small mirror, mini comb (incase my hair is kusut), teenyweeny nail clipper, panadol (incase I have a sudden headache hehe), lens drops, hand lotion, perfume (altho’ I leave it behind once I step out of the car most times), Dove body spray (you never know when you might need it hehe), a mini bottle of gel (incase I need to wash my hands with soap!), tissue pack (not the ordinary pocket tissues, it’s the slightly bigger pack!) And incase I accidentally leave my mini make-up bag at home, a girl needs her BACK-UP! Hahahah! Yes, but my back-up only comes in a form of a small handy palette consisting of two shades of liptints and 3 shades of eye shadows inside (I’m not a fan of eye shadows, I just need the liptint) And of course I have rubber bands, sweets, chewing gums and pens in my bag as well. Freak? =D Just bear in mind, all of those do not come in big sizes lah, mun basar kepisan tu eh membawa heheh!

Back in uk, I had to bring the folded umbrella (unpredictable weather!), wet tissues (erm, you’ll need it hehe), a bottle of water as well for obvious reason.

My sisters would understand WHY their lil sister is being such a freak haha! My girls would know why I LOVE big bags =P And incase you’re out with me, you don’t have to worry (just bring your wallet if you want), ‘coz I have the entire universe with me =P


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I feel you babe. Not much of a makeup person though; I just like using a big bag wherever I go. 😉

Comment by war186

awuu war hahaha!!! plus, incase we want to bring anything, we can always shove it straight in our bags kan! heheee!

Comment by sza

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