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Not-so-peachy Thursday.
September 19, 2008, 5:53 am
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The handyman who fixed my aircon in the morning was so rude! Baru ko tau kana marahi ulih mamaku sama kakaku! He came to fix, so just fix lah, bukannya kan komplen itu ini. So rude you should just go back to your own country lah!!! Hate disrespectful people! I feel like slapping his mouth. Nah kan, kurang sudah tu pahala puasa urang ulihnya. Tsk!



Dined out again for sungkai, this time tried the buffet at Sri Patik Brasserie. The spread was yummyyy, the number of dishes served were just right. You know, when you dine-in at a hotel, you have more than 50 dishes, you ended up going home feeling very very bloated, so yeah, this year I try to avoid from dining at those places hehe (except Rinrin’s treat at Rizqun when we really really pigged out, that was well worth the monayyy! Haha!) The place is nice, it’s just too bad the place looks very deserted with the other unoccupied spaces, lets just hope they’ll open up more shops over there!

After sungkai, went straight to (supposedly) buy the tudong I eyed on two days back. Sekalinya sudah sampai ke kadai, nadaaaa =( tsk tsk tsk. It’s my fault I didn’t buy it straight away when I first saw it, I thought I’d follow the tips I read on a magazine, which is: “To think overnight before purchasing it, whether or not you really need it.”  Sillyyy, I will never ever follow that rule again :s :s Will try to search for a replacement later on. I just feel like I need to buy new tudongs =/

And ohh, I wanted to buy this specific stud earrings as well, cari cari pun ended up nadaaa! There are lots of studs here and there at the Mall but none of which I like, I have a specific shape in mind but couldn’t find anything close like it =(

Went home empty handed. Nevermind, later then.


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