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September 22, 2008, 2:52 am
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Fell asleep around 11pm just now (supposedly watching Martha Stewart! Baru jua start sudah tia tetidur!) and woke up just few minutes before 1am, with a sudden effing headache! Tskkk! Must be the contact lenses, I figure whenever I fell asleep or nap with the contacts on, bangun gerenti PANING brabis! Or or it must be me being such a cow before I slept, ate one nasi bungkus at 10pm! Oh f.y.i. don’t make a habit of sleeping with lenses on, it is strictly not advisable, wokay? =) Even waking up from a nap hurts.. apalagi tidur the whole night, err, heheh, padih tu rasanya :s Speaking of which, I need to get my eyes checked asap, mikin kabur =/

Alrighty, I’m a happy kid, finally got the tudungs I wanted and I ended up buying three earrings, one pair of dangly diamante number (which I fell in love with but couldn’t really afford if it wasn’t because of the discounts heheh! Nasib jua kan raya so with the big discount it is fairly reduced to reasonable prices now.) and got the studs I wanted. Finally! =D

* * *

Ahhh, baking baking baking is still on the roll. I do not like baking during day time ‘coz I just don’t like the fact that I can’t taste the dough! My sis on the other hand thinks everything should be done during the day (coz she won’t compromise staying up for a nighter) so I guess she’s pissed with me now hehe, ahh well, I’ll let her bake herself then, I’m still sticking to the night shift =)


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