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1st Day of raya.
October 3, 2008, 1:49 am
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Raya eve: I was under pressure! So many things needed to be done particularly the Living Room and my mum’s acting all moody that day so I escaped for a bit, went out at noon and got a last minute manicure! Ended up sleeping at 3am but I’d like to think we did quite a swell job ‘coz we prepared the biskut2 in advance hehe, less work for ME in the morning, ngalih ku mun semua tah kan LAST MINIT ani.

1st Day: Ohh my. I managed to survive hehe, usually we’ll expect more people to come during the second day and third day but this time, more people decided to visit during the first day itself. Honestly, I guess I’m getting old with the ‘hiding myself’  game (unless I’m sick or really2 knackered!), so I thought I’ll just do that ‘service with a smile’  kind of thing hehe. I did it. I hope I’ll do the same for the next and following days.

I can’t be arsed to take pix early morning, took pix with sister’s camera but not mine but towards the end of the day, took my camera out and just let my lil niece take shots of whatever. Few pix of me with them. Nantitah post that up. Anyways, it’s already 1.51am now, it’s entering the 2nd day of raya. I gotta catch up on my sleep darlings =) Have a nice day later. Will update more.


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