:: Smile and smell the coffee ::

October 11, 2008, 2:27 am
Filed under: Daily

… and in need of comfort food :s 

But yeah, surely will not give in to that. Just had a banana and orange and that is all for now. No particular reasons as to why I’m feeling upset again, just those things rolled into one at the moment. And I thought I’d just blog a bit before hitting the bed again (been taking naps at noon and late noon and a bit after 7pm, missed a few visitors as well, sorry!) Being upset makes me sleepy allll the time! Hehe.

Well, I’m supposed to meet up with the girls (Fri night) but I’m so sorry as my days are still pretty much packed, and to those who invited to their open houses, sooo very sorryy for not being able to attend! :s Later will be spent raya-ing with my other girls as well, so that’s confirmed! I think I’ll convince my sister to go out on Sunday to pay visits at the cuzzies, so aunts and uncles, hang in there ok! =)

Ahhh my head hurts. And things have been going random on me. Tsk! Life can be such a bitch sometimes. Patience… patience… that’s the key.


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