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October 19, 2008, 4:35 am
Filed under: Daily

Need to throw some junks in my room. Like how an interior guru would tell us, “stop holding on to the things you haven’t used in a year, you DON’T need it! Trash it, give it away to charity or recycle. ” You think I’d really really do that? Hehehe. Slowly but not so surely. Maybe only throw those things yang disfunctional and those that come with bad memories. Hahah! No, really, I just need a corner to fit in a mini hand-me-down fridge in the room. I’m actually against having a fridge in MY room BUT this is a hand-me-down from my sis, I want it now =) and I don’t wanna say no hehehe, good thing tho’, I can just shove fruits and those mini-packed juices in it, inda jua payah2 lari kebawah in the middle of the night! =D Somebody suggest I should even have a kitil and teapots to go with it and invite some friends over, hahaaha apa eh, ingat macam bilikku di bruhall kah? Heheheh!

I won’t have the time to do that later as I have two houses to visit (yeah, raya groove still ON) but I hope I’ll make some time to change my bedsheet soon after I wake up :s damn, it’s overdue. I should start telling myself it’s ok to get some help and ask the maid do that instead tapinya inda, I don’t like the maids doing my bed/room ‘coz they’ll end up re-shuffling other things in the end =/


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