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Wide awake, always random!
October 30, 2008, 4:16 am
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Hmm. I’m so tempted to stick up a big HIATUS pic right now hehe. But nahhh, I’ll just leave the blog unattended for the time being =)

As usual, I’m still awake, it’s 3.15am, it bugs me coz at times, I’ll be asleep by 12 midnight, other times, I tossed and turned ’til like 3-4am!!! Crazy body-clock!!!


Things have been kind of on the trying  side for me at the moment, I figure it’s ookayyy, hang in there sunshine, it’s life, memang pun banyak dugaan. Sigh. Some may be laughing their ass off at me, it doesn’t matter much coz they’re meaningless in my life anyways. I only care about those who matters. And to those who care and always stayed true to me, I love you.


People always tell others to have faith. Have faith in what we do, have faith in whatever we try so hard to believe in. Have faith in everything. Just, have faith. I am not losing any of it but I’m losing hope.

Through tough times, sometimes we question ourselves, “God, are you listening to my prayers?”  “Why is that I don’t get a slight hint or an answer?”  And we bawled our eyes out thinking why life is better for some and why not for the others. Perhaps, we forgot the fact that God made life fair  for everyone here, but there are times when we still cry over the “Why’s”  in our heads… Can’t help it sometimes right? Still, people tell us have faith, that’s all it takes.

I am slowly getting over the ‘crying’ phase because really, tears won’t help a thing. I firmly believe in “God won’t give you what you can’t handle” and the saying that goes, “life’s a battle, so don’t give up without a fight.” I believe in that for as long as I can remember and in some circumstances, I’ve turned out Ok. So it shouldn’t be that bad…


Okay, the post is downright depressing, I know. My attempt on trying not to pw-protect this, hehe. Learning to be public once in a while. Yeps =)

On a cheerio-note, I can’t wait to lunch out with a friend later on. Lately, I’ve been missing my friends :s (bah guys, raya’s over, lunch and dinner date is open!) And ohh, the free jazz concert is tomorrow, I think I better go and see what’s on. Apalagi ah, ohh Nureyyy, wait for your ‘package’ alright? Not soo soon I guess coz you know how slow the postal is sometimes hehe. Inda plang ‘first-class service’ but bulihlah kali, dalam seminggu labih. Heheh.


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