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November 16, 2008, 3:59 am
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My early Saturday at home was a quiet one, them kiddos went out and I was left alone! Soo bored, so I decided we should go out early like the rest as well! I went to Cheezbox for early dinner, I’ve been meaning to try the nasi lemak over there coz I read it’s yummy, so yeah, tried the nasi lemak rendang, it’s gooddd! =D


It’s still an early night no? Look at the crowd hehe.


Oopsiee abisss! Haha, by the time I finished, I was like ohhmyy lupa take pic of the full plater haha! Sorry! And then, I was staring at the cakes after but I thought I’d just skip dessert =P


Helloo there McD!!! I totally forgot about my Chocolate Cornetto McFlurry!!! How did that happen?!!! Tsk!

At 8pm, there was nothing else to do (this was after I shopped for all my toiletries!!), still, we didn’t wanna end the night THAT early, so I thought we should try to go and have a looksee on what the DST Carnival is all about! Got there, payah kan dapat parking, macam mikin ahir mikin ramai tah plang urang datang hahah! Typical!



Some stage performances by ermm, Projectunes, Zunic dancers and of course, Vj Utt from MTV was there as well earlier during the night I guess.



This time, I think that was Yasmin Hani, Reza and Farish (sp?) on stage. Pokoknya artis m’sia lah hehe. I wasn’t really paying attention to that as I was impatiently wanting to order this… (HAHAHA!!!)


Yeps, you guessed it right, I was only interested on this hahahaha! Ahad’s burger is famous in KB am I right? When my friends told me the sauce is different, nah barutah ku paham heheh! I guess that was my ‘dessert’ for the night hahah! Unfortunately for me, they ran out of eggs, so I opted for simpler ones saja, it’s still good nonetheless!


To end the night, as usual, fireworks! =)



By this time I was already being whiny, balik, balikkktahhh bepaluh sudah niii!!! Puas jua sudah meliat bunga api time rayaa!  Haha! I actually saw two of my brothers there, one who’s so semangat to go there again (for the second night of the carnival!!! Semangat banar jua eh!) and one (dst staff) guarding/sitting/whatever-he’s-doing hehe near VJ Utt, I could’ve called him to get my picture taken with Utt but I’m not a big fan :s hehe. I’d rather have my picture taken with the MTV girls instead nyehehehe! =P Or with Jamie and Paula! Too bad I didn’t go on Friday.


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