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November 21, 2008, 5:42 pm
Filed under: Daily

Everything I touched turns into gold? Huh, I wish! EVERYTHING seems to not work around me lately.

Aircon – again busted!

Mini fridge – busted!

Snails in my bathroom – wth!!! How did it even get there??!! EEewwww. (bear in mind, my room’s upstairs)

Bought&tried new concealer and powder a week ago – now I can see spots on my forehead!!! Aiya :s

Yeah, so I didn’t know the mini fridge broke down until I went to get my juice skalinya I noticed the mini freezer compartment has no ice around it! I was like ooh shyttt, the plug must’ve been lose, tried to fix the plug still inda mau ON! ARghhh, the frustration, had to carry all my juice cartons to the fridge downstairs! Sasak ku eh. Don’t tell me it’s gonna be my tv next! Semuatah kan rusak. tsk.

I’m a tad upset. I wanna cook or bake something! NOW! Hehee.

On the bright side, I actually tried the lime tea-diet for the past month (don’t ask me where I got it from, I made it up myself haha!), I think it’s slowly working hahah! I’m happyyy for that! Just have to keep on doing that, eat less rice and exercise =P

Alrighty, I’ve got something to do now for next week, time to stop procrastinating!


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