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November 28, 2008, 3:10 am
Filed under: Daily

Urgh, paning paning paning AGAIN. No idea why but it’s back.

I was chatting with a friend, he asked for an opinion about… err, marriage/relationship? Well y’all, what do I know???! Seriously!?! I’m not married!!! Pfftt. What was supposed to be just a casual chat turned out to be some kind of a debate!!! Wth. Sudahpun ku paning, you totally strike the wrong chord mister! Yeah, what’s with some people??? You asked for it, so take it IN, IF you are not ready for some truth then simply just SHUT UP AND KEEP IT TO YOURSELF AND DON’T ASK! ZIP IT!!! Erghhh! Apalah. So I went off without saying bye and be rude for once. Malas ku ingauuu.

Dude, I can tell you about the relationship bit, if you’re unable to strike a balance (if not most times, then sometimes will do) then I guess it’s gonna be a tough road for you. Think about it lah, try to think of the role-reversal type of thing, if you’re not happy with it, what makes you think others will?

Pfftt. Pffttt. Pffttttt. (sasak ku!)


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