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December 4, 2008, 1:55 am
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It’s my birthday month! =D (eh guys, please don’t mention my ‘real’ age ok? Hahaha, I’ll stay at 21 thank you velyvelymuch!)

I think I’ll tell the fam soon enough that I won’t be needing any birthday dinner this year. Yeps, no cakes, no dinner, no nothing. Hahaha ok, I take that back, I just want SOMETHING! =)

These, to the lovelies in my life;

Dear Sis No.1 – I want some… hmmm, shirts and VS goodies please? Thank you!

Dear Sis No.2 – new dvd player please. (you know why!!!) :s :s :s Thank you!

My bros – nada. Haha! You know how guys are, they don’t do the loveydovey-sisterly-brotherly thingy!

Mum&Dad – please fix my mini fridge and my aircon a.s.a.p. Hehe. Thank you!

Dear Nas – cupcakes! (hahaha demanding lagi tu bunyinya) =P =P Nadawah, you wanted to share with me the ‘extras’ jua kan? =D Thank you!

Dear Rinos – reflexology date ah? Hahaha! Lets make up for the ‘bad-massus’ you had last week!

To the rest of my lovelies  – lets meet up and have drinks. You know who you are! *winks* To the lovelies yang nada sini, lets just have some imaginary coffee/tea/tiramisu/blueberry cheesecake somewhere haha!

Dear Bon H & Bon M – Hmm. Nada. Kamu nada sini jua hahhaha. I’ll be expecting “hello’s” on that day! =P

Dear love – I haven’t made up my mind yet. Hehee.

Ok, at the risk of being called DEMANDING, I better stop now! =)


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somehow, I had a feeling that I’m not suppose to click your link. But I clicked it anyway.

nyasal ku nyasal… LOL

nadawa. I love you! bah, REFLEXOLOGY IT IS!!!

Comment by rinosaurus

hahahaha jgntah nyasal nyasal ! hahaha baru ko tau nah… nasib c hanna sama c mas nada di brunei, lagi UP list ku tu , i’ll demand for SHOES. hahahah! ellehh…ada jua urang atu demand for LOLLIPOPS nyaa!!! =P

Comment by sza

ah? atu bukan demand, at REQUEST…. huge difference *liat kuku*

bah jadi? massage? hehehe

Comment by rinosaurus

aah request kah? hahahah manatah ku tau … for me request or demand mcm kan ampir2 sama saja ! HAHAHAHAH.
awu eh, jadiiii! =))))

Comment by sza

cupcakes…apa tu? cawan kek…ermm..whats that? haha! Sure babe, mana saja..name the baker, I’ll get the cuppies…but nda tau when..cause i can’t actually ask them to bake now when I can only give them to you a few weeks later..haha bangas!! banar nie…just choose a place where u think the cuppies look brilliantly yummy! 🙂 stil finding the right date to bring u girls out…busy 😦

Comment by Nas

awww my cuzzy is sooo suwitttt!!!! yaysss! hahaha bah il have a look at those yummies . =P

Comment by sza

HAHHAHA siok wishlist mu. you havent seen my wishlist!!its on my blog. click on the icon my wishlist, you will cryyyy. hahahaha!!but hey, alhamdulillah, i think ive saved enough for one or two. hehehe

Comment by wnr49

ohmy brijap bunyinya hahaha il check your wishlist now!!! malas ku sound2 macam2 arah these ppl waf…hahaha takut ku karang i’ll get a good spanking from them! hahahaha eeeps ! =D

Comment by sza

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