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Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha.
December 8, 2008, 3:21 am
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It’s almost 3am.

Got an invite to an ‘open house’ at my tua’s place later. I’m not sure if I’m coming as I’m still wide awake at the moment!

I’m feeling all random anyways, so bear with me! =D

I have a confession. Hehe. I’m hooked to P2F!!!!!! I don’t watch the live shows coz I’m always out on Saturday nights, BUT I watch the reruns on Sundays. Haha. I guess the recent concert was the best to date, not sure about next week tho, but last Saturday’s theme was “Asian Songs”. Good performances. I guess I’m rooting for Dayat or Fau heheh (and maybe two others)!!! “Ingat BESAR, ingat DAYATTT!!! Gerentiiiii~~~” — Omg, hahahah, kedapatan tah ku memvote si dayat ni =D So Dayat, if you happened to read this, keep UP the voice, when I say UP, really, UP it so you won’t get eliminated!!! Oh, I like when you sang that Pangako Sayo (sp?) song!

And also to Ifa, whom I met at Rina’s place during raya, keep it up girl, you’re still in it, keep on doing your best! Oh ok, that’s enough of P2F from me hehee for now!

Sunday, was the first time in months where I had to wake up very early on a sunday mornin, for a breakfast date! (nobody wakes up early on sundays!!!!) Hahah, turned out fun but the sun was nowhere to be seen, it was cloudy the whole dayyy!!! Had dimsum, then got back by 1-ish and stayed in the whole noon with them kids. My sis made shepherds pie and I had my leftover tapau dimsums, that was pretty much what I consumed the entire day hahah, and ohh, durians =P

Have a good day y’all.


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i have a confession too!

SAMA MAL!!! aku suka liat p2f heh heh heh… tapi aku jarang liat. apakan. inda hardcore bukti ku ah. hahaha

anyway. hi mal. I miss you. aku kan komen pasal the ^^^top post (the one after this post kali. pasal commentsnya off). hahaha AKU SETUJU DENGAN PENDAPAT MU.

so anyway……… vote for me ;-p

Comment by rinosaurus

HAHAH! awuu, akupun jarang liat yg live but aku SELALU liat reruns on sundays hahahaha!!!

on the “^^^top post” (heheh) awuu, baie urang catu ah. i’ve been so mental the past few days thinkin abt it. it takes longer time to brush it off when you’re still on the grudge hahah. pokoknya aku masih marrrrah!

what rinos? vote for u? sudah plg ku vote balik2, tapi cana jua, ko inda pandai manang ah =P

Comment by sza


nada tah urang minat aku tu ertinya. yep. yep.

I guess… my destination is… somewhere else…

*sail away*

Comment by rinosaurus

hahhaha awuu…caritah bakat lain rin… *tsktsk hehehe*

Comment by sza

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