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A day before my birthday.
December 14, 2008, 5:21 am
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I was blog-hopping and I came across a few blogs by those of seventeen year olds. I smiled because at some point, it reminded me of how things were back then when I was around that age (16,17,18) =)

School activities, homework, eca, boy dramas, crushes. Heartbreaks. Being a rebel. The parties every other months. The outings. So many friends. Way too many friends. First prom date. Having curfews and always breaking them. Getting grounded. Ahhh, endless things, there’s always something to look forward to during the weekends. Now that I recall, I don’t think my years during 16-17-18 year old were all that bad, some yes but overall, I think I had a blast! Hahah! Even blogging about my daily activities seemed FUN. Hahaha, aaahhh, those were the days!!!

Of course, it’s only normal to get jealous of how much fun they’re having but… I wouldn’t turn back to those times. There were times I thought, hey, if I could, I would… To make amendments and such but then again, I wouldn’t be who I am today. Perhaps, if things were all smooth sailing, I wouldn’t know the meaning of ‘obstacles’. May be. I don’t know…

With age, comes freedom and then, there goes the responsibilities! Responsibilities are tough but hey, you gotta get along with it somehow. I have some people darting me with harsh comments saying things like what I did was a big mistake, saying this and that, even my parents have never discouraged me that way. I figured it’s OK, it’s life, you HAVE TO swallow the bitterness sometimes and all you can do is just to turn your cheek the other way around. You hold on to what they say, in hope that someday you can prove them wrong.

On the contrary, I’m right now on the phase where I am completely the opposite of those fun things mentioned earlier (above) hehee. The days of partying are gone (birthday parties doesn’t count!) Life’s boring, life’s drama has gone up a few notches, I don’t have a lot of friends like I used to years back simply because you cannot trust all the people you meet. I appreciate the presence of my family, the support and love they give me. I am thankful for that. And I love the handful of friends I have with me right now because they’re the ones who’ve been there all along.

Hmm. There goes my pre-birthday post! Kenapa macam emotional atu ah? Heheh, must be the pms talking. So, wow, my birthday is tomorrow, I’m usually excited about it but not so much this year! Just the thought of a year older makes me go ‘pffttt’. Haha kidding! I can’t go Pffttt, instead, I should say, syukur, alhamdulillah, I’m a year older now and pray to God so that there’ll be more years to come… Amin…

And as previously mentioned, I do not want any birthday dinner this time but we will see how it goes! =) New year is just around the corner!!! Oh how time flies~~~!!!


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