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December 19, 2008, 4:32 am
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Ok, I know this came a bit late but THANK YOU to everyone who wished me Happy Birthday, midnight texts, msn, blog posts, FB messages (I hope I didn’t skip anyone on the FB replies!) As mentioned, I requested for no celebration but I did go for mini ones hehee. Sushi date. Twilight date. Cheezbox date. Haha, just meeting and eating at different places! My niece however, was kinda disappointed because there’s no “cut cake” this time around, she even forced me to bake my own birthday cake haha! Ahh well, I knew she wanted to do all the candle-blowing and cake cutting come everyone else’s birthday party! Haha! Poor kiddo, I think I should bake one soon! =)

Someone did ask if I wanted some dinner thing for my birthday but I said my theme  for this year’s is more of the ‘relaxed’ kind. Heck, I even wanted to chill at McD’s if it wasn’t because of the last minute change of venue and we had sushi instead! Hehee. Not that I don’t enjoy some kind of formal dinner thingymajiggo, JUST that I wanna keep it real y’know? I mean, why be tooo formal when you can’t even have fun on your Bee’day? =) Oopsie, sidetracked, *inside joke haha!!*

Aaahhh, I wish my friends are here. I miss some of them.

Ermm, I do not wanna say this, I tried (hehe) but everyone’s crazy about Twilight, I didn’t get it at first, I mean come onnn peepolll, it’s just Twilight, sekalinyaaa I went for a movie date and watched it, I ended up falling in loveee with Edward hahhaa (and out of love with my date! =P ) Nada dehhh, inda plang in love with Edward, I just love the movie, well, maybe because I haven’t read the book YET! Now I understand why my Bons are crazy over the books. Not bad lah the movie. I wanna buy the clear copy of the dvd and watch it again in my room!!! =D

I didn’t take many pix during my birthday so there’s nothing much to show here! I was busy chilling out =)

Ohh, thank you sisters for the tops and the new dvd player! =D Lets just hope the kiddos won’t snatch my brand new dvd player again next time!!!!!


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