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December 24, 2008, 1:31 pm
Filed under: Daily

Mum got some workers to fix my room yesterday, so now I’m pretty much feeling content except maybe for the paint, hehe, which is okay, that will have to wait until a later date =)

Went to Sheraton the night for a buffet dinner with my sister&co. I was a tad disappointed with the x’mas deco, I was expecting a very x’massy feeling once I step foot overthere tapinya inda =/ Other than the x’mas trees, I want more fake snow, more bright red and green cucul perhaps??? And at least one big-ish fake snowman… is that too much to ask? Hehehe. Maybe I should work for Sheraton and do the decorating hahahah! My niece even asked “Heyyy! Where’s Santaaa???!!!”


Anyways, I haven’t had enough sleep lately, always got woken up every 2-3hours and ended up only getting about 5-6hours of sleep. 6hours is alright I think. It bugs me coz I’m not really the type who can go back to sleep easily after that. I literally woke up, got on youtube to search for some sleeping music!!! Hahaha. Plugged in my earfons and hoping so hard I’ll doze back in minutes! I found one soothing music I really like, I just hope I won’t get bored of it too soon. Ada sleeping disorder department kah di hospital? =P I seriously don’t dig the “try sleeping at the same hour every night” “drink warm milk” kind of thing, it just doesn’t work for me haha.

Uh ok, blog later!



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