:: Smile and smell the coffee ::

January 3, 2009, 2:33 am
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The first day of 2009 and I’ve caught the sniffle-bug ! Uhhfff. But I’m ok now except for the blocked nose. Been sleeping it off due to the drowsy meds, popped another one some time after Maghrib and I fell asleep around 7pm, guess what I dreamt about!!! I was eating something like choco mint ice cream (it’s stripy bright green and chocolate.. mmm) with crushed peanut butter brownie inside it! I thought WTH was that hahaha!?! But it sure looked very yummy in the dream! Silly dream, I woke up hungry and crave for an awesome ice-cream right away! :s :s Karangtah ku bali ice cream from DQ =/ Last I checked the paper, they have Expresso flavoured icecream! Oohhh~ Later that.

I think I’ll be heading off to get my hair trimmed later on and an overdued mani/pedi :s :s Please let it be later also (that is, if the tukang gunting is available krg!). And I want new shoes, I was eyeing on some flats last week but I got hooked on this red/maroon flat! I know I know, flats are kinda like so last year BUT I don’t care, I still want it! I’m happy I’m back with my heels now, I don’t wanna jinx it, but hey, it doesn’t hurt (yet)!!! If it hurts again, then I’m back with my flats. Huhuu~

Bah, I better sleep now and I better stop thinking about the expresso icecream!