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Crazy mad lady.
January 6, 2009, 3:08 am
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I’ve been feeling… ermm… I dunno, sometimes finding myself angry at the littlest of things, I sense it’s the pms talking =/

Yesterday, I punished my niece for not answering my questions! Hahaha, pemarah! So I told her she’s gonna get a lil pinch for not paying attention and I’m not lending her some of my girlie dvds. Lol.

And on a different note, I dislike having to find out that some people on my FB have been deleting me off, I mean don’t be such meanies, what did I do wrong? Not a big deal but you know what I mean, it is just not a nice feeling. If you personally know me but you don’t like me then it’s ok, why not just don’t even bother approving the friend request at the first place. tsk tsk. Soo sad. Even FB’s getting bitter.

And again, I’d like to say this once and for all, if you think I kinda left anybody of you out on the access to the pw-protected post, DO let me know. You can leave me a comment here, if you’re on my FB, message me there, if you’re on my msn, do beep me or simply just ask for it! (Clearly if you’re on my social-network list, I know who you are kan.) How am I supposed to know who’s interested?? Don’t blame me. Plus, it’s nothing really interesting going on (just a bit of a personal post) on the other side, karang ku bagi the password to a bunch of friends, karang kana ucapkan asi-asi, as if everyones interested to know everything about what’s going on in my life. See, I hope some people would understand, I gave out to those whom I know would read and at least, these people frequently want to know updates from me, you know, my closefriends, my cousins. If you are offended in any way, please please please do message me up somewhere. Is that ok?

Tsk tsk tsk. Ok, I’m being emotional again! There, having said that, I hope it’s all clear, I don’t like hurting others without even knowing it.  =(


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oh my days, astah banar tu. u know, some people deleted me off their FB jua and i was like, apakan? did i screw your bf or something coz sudahtah jarang menagur, diri jua yang minta add friends dulu!I am confused man!

Comment by wnr49

i know right !!! it is soo annoying and it’s sad to see that these ppl mendelete tani BUT not the other friends yg tani kenal!!! I guess theyre just taking the piss!!! Macam, What’s your point exactly??, indirectly trying to tell me you don’t like me or what? Pftt. Some ppl. Hahaha, awu, confused bah urang ulihnya, i can’t help but think as if i’ve ever done something wrong. eh malasku urang catu ah. hahah. forget it.

cubatah ah kalau inda suka atu jangan plang approve at the first place. tsk.

Comment by sza

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