:: Smile and smell the coffee ::

January 8, 2009, 2:30 am
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Went to watch Yes Man last night. Funny! Tapi kenapa ah Qlap cineplex selalu ada technical error?! Hmm boreng eh, asal kesana selalu tah ada glitch tu. Minor but ALWAYS!

So yeah, I’m now doing my weekly bag clean-up, throwing away the receipts from petty purchases, the lucky-draw receipts, empty sweet wraps, and I can’t believe how trashy the inside of my bag looks hahahah! (my bag is BIG) and I’m so ashamed to admit this, I have a lot of sweeties in it as well :s :s  very very bad for your teeth!!! Here; a box of minty dark chocs (bite-size squares), a box of Dentyne peppermint chewing gum, Cherry mint sweeties (one pack!!!), Mentos hot mint, Alpenliebe (sp?) caramel sweeties (ALSO one pack!!!) and lastly, Mentos Berry Lime chewing gum! Aiyo, I didn’t realised it til I cleared everything up! I MUST stop grabbing something while waiting in line at the counters =P Heheh. And ohh, obviously I love mints, semua minty! Non-minty-fan friends, too bad =P but minty-fan-friends of mine, feel free to ask for those sweeties when you’re out with me! We gotta finish this stash! =D Ohh man, this calls for a dental check-up soon =S  (TAKUT!!!)