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January 21, 2009, 12:22 am
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coach-bangleI’ve no idea why I’ve been eyeing on accessories lately! Well, I don’t usually overdo it, I’m just the banglesdangly earrings, watch, beaded-bracelets type of gal. I know this is so out-of-season but I wanna get some bangles! (I’ve been out of my bangle phase since god knows when! Haha! I don’t follow trends anyways!) None of those wooden chunky bangles tho’… just something similar like that (refer pic on the left) =D I’ve seen nice ones somewhere but the price, I don’t know about other people, but me, I do NOT like to over-spend on my accessories!!! (well, wedding bands or any wedding-related goodies doesn’t count! =P Hahahaaha!) Hmm…but I want at least 3 bangles rightnow!!!? Too much? *hehe* No idea what’s got into me. I’ve also recently received a new watch as a belated birthday gift, quite pricy for my liking (I don’t think I’d get it myself…) but it’s a gift, thank you for the generosity you kind kind soul hehe. I love it =)

I want a new bag :s but if I were to say that infront of my mum, I’m sure to get a good spanking from her! Hahahaha, abis ku kana marahi !!! I’ve been on a shoe/bag-break since the past months (that’s last year; somewhat felt like long long time ago! I neeeedddd a new bag!!! Tsktsk!) Shoes I got it recently, so it’s now narrowing it down to new accessories and *whispers* a versatile black bag…. *ssshhhh!!!*


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Babes!!!this is sooo weird!!!you know what?? I’m on a bag break and sooo, I’ve been scouring through Tiffany &Co punya bracelets and rings!!LOL. But..you know me kan? I bought a bracelet tapi inda ku berani makai!LOL. soo buy that bangle now babes!and the BAG!!!!bah apa lagi!!

Comment by wnr49

hahahah evil evil evil !!! =P =P
yeah, very hard to resist kan! entah …tarus2 mau accessories aniwah…sasak ku eh hahaha will get at least two bangles soon! =D

Comment by sza

BUY BUY!Its your patriotic duty!!

Comment by wnr49

HAHAHAHAHA THE PATRIOT!!! shopping is good for the economy eh? *nyetnyot* BUT velyvely bad for my vely own purse! hahahhahah!

Comment by sza

HAHAHAH..forget the purse. life is too short to worry about money troubles!LOL. I’ve been watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s too much!

Comment by wnr49

aii aku balum pernah meliat tu Breakfast at Tiffany’s ah!! must buy the dvd soon heheh! kan meliat ku jua =D

Comment by sza

must watch!!!

Comment by wnr49

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