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Ujan lagi.
January 30, 2009, 12:26 am
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I’m down with a slight temperature =( it’s the second damam after the flu right after new year. Tsktsk. I’ve officially lost my appetite, everything is tasteless! =(

I’m also down with a tummy bug, so there you go, temperature+tummybug, not a nice combo =”( I’ve no idea what I ate (could be the coleslow :s ) but oh well, on the bright side, it’s a perfect excuse to tuck myself into bed, go online endlessly, play games, etc etc. Gotta see things sunny side up I say.

Much love to you people, don’t get sick!


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Get well soon hun!!Go and check websites pasal bags and shoes. Soon you will have a smile on your face tu!LOL. =o)

Comment by wnr49

Yeah tell me about it.. damam sucks! hehe.. well anyway, Get well soon daleng. mwah! miss ya 🙂

Comment by u11

Waf, thanks hun, dui laiii, if i check the websites, i’ll have a smile at first but i’ll end up with a heartache! hahaha!

Jai, it suckssss brabiss!!! Inda cukup lagi damam, my back hurts! I need a massage soon ! must be the weather ah =S

Comment by sza

Mal, baik tah bawa massage ur back ah b4 it get worse… i had a bad experience and still having it sikit… so inda tah kau ikut aku jogging nie esok ptg?.. 🙂

Comment by u11

I know jai, I MUST!!! sangal2 eh =S
InsyaAllah, if I get better esuk ada ku calling2 heheh… kalau masih jua .. inda ku dapat join lagi!!! =( what a bugger.. minggu lapas sudah you guys jogging ! jealous ku hehehe!

Comment by sza

What an all around amazingly written article..

Comment by Iconia A100

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