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Not quite molten choc.
February 10, 2009, 2:37 pm
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p1010090Few days ago, I was just bumming around with my niece, so we decided to make something out of our chocolate bar and cocoa powder. Of course there’s choc cuppies but I wanted to try on molten chocolate BUT it failed to transform into one hahaha. Entah, balum ku pandai eh. And it was back to square one as the chocolate stuffing went back to it’s solid form once it cooled off. I wanted to eat it with vanilla ice cream but I can only find Neapolitan, so yeah, it doesn’t really look appetising =/ On a good note, I’ll try this mix again soon for my nephew’s (mini)birthday cake! It’s crunchy on top (coz I sprinkled a bit of milo before baking) but it’s soft inside. Finally got the decent texture for a cake =)


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It still looks goooddddd..yum yum yum!!

Comment by wnr49

hahaha it tasted fine, yatah kan dijadikan cake mix tah plg ni! =P

Comment by sza

but the icecream didn’t quite match the taste ! hahah i wish i had something like raspberry ice-cream!

Comment by sza

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