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February 27, 2009, 6:13 pm
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I have things to do, to buy, I wanna shop for a few things! :s

I need a new cooling pad a.s.a.p!!! My lappy’s all heated up! Serves me right for having a habit of buying all things cheap! Hahaa! Seriously, I’m a sucker for bargains =P I got my cooling pad during the expo for $4-5 I think, it was good for a few months, ani nah kaputs tia. Or maybe I overused it :s

Nephew’s birthday is tomorrow, I’m supposed to bake him a surprise mini b’day cake BUT I got off track and made SAMBAL instead!!! Ahhh, maybe a belated one will do… plus I think he’ll be having a bash in school =)

This came a few days late, CONGRATS to my brother&fiance on the engagement!!! =) I’m sure I’ll give you a gift during the wedding day (that’s not coming very soon kan? =P) so I guess for now, enjoy jadi tunangan orang hahaharr! =P

Ok, gotta go now, I’m supposed to clean-up my shoes and put them in boxes coz the shoe rack is getting crowded (plus niece & nephew’s shoes there!), have to vacuum this carpet I wanna use in my room. I haven’t jogged/exercised much lately so, as a result, feeling a tad guilty, I’m not asking my maid to do the vacuuming hehehe. I need some light exercise!

Bye now! =)


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your new layout is fabulous!!!its so LAWA!!jeles!!!

Comment by wnr49

banyak yg cute cute waf, too bad we are on WORDPRESS!(i only change headers) kalau Blogger wah, dapat sudah tukar2 layout yang fancy! tsk tsk! but moving blogs is such a hassle! heheh!

Comment by sza

*i mean BLOGSPOT hahah!

Comment by sza

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