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March 1, 2009, 2:13 am
Filed under: Daily

This is my first bad baddd moodswings for 2009! Hah! There’s always a first kan. It’s midnight now, I’ve been feeling all over the place the whole day… at some point, I felt like crying over the smallest things! I was quietly sitting on my bed, doing some thinking when I realised my hand was reaching out for a tissue and I suddenly burst into tears (because of the sad thoughts!) Hmmm. There I was, sobbing. Being a girl is tough! When it’s time of the month, it comes with a package! I just wish there’s someone to hug right about now… tsk.


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aww hun, you’ve been through soo much. its perfectly normal to feel emotionally crazy at times!make a nice cup of hot cocoa or tea and have a good cry. you will feel much much better afterwards!

Comment by wnr49

hahaah crazy pms waf! i did cry and i felt slightly better … i guess i’ve bottled it up enough for the whole day skalinya kabuushhhh!!!! i need a chill pill!

Comment by sza

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