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March 10, 2009, 2:15 pm
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I was in the car this morning, day-dreaming while listening to the radio, it struck me that all the songs being played consists of a third wheel! Like ok, we all know now relationships have gone up  a notch, people being third wheels like it’s nobody’s business but not only that, now we have SONGS to relate to it! How nice! *haha bitter!* It’s all about a guy meets a girl, can’t be with her coz she’s with somebody else, guy’s still hoping she’d notice him one day, that she’ll finally give him the chance to get to know one another, coz it hurts loving someone from afar (read: that person is STILL with somebody else!). Hoping that she’ll realize he is THE ONE someday. Wow. Speak about memajal hahahah! But nevermind, what do I know kan? Don’t they say love is blind? =P

I’ve been missing my girls, sorry girls inda tejalan with you guys, will make up for it for sure ya? Movies and kopi2 sesh is in the card don’t worry! =D

Alrighty, I know update’s been on the dry side, will try to blog more soon.


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awu..love is terlampau blind prasanku. a major source of drama man..haishh…

Comment by wnr49

hahah! exactly! it is the source of drama indeed! =D

Comment by sza

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