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March 17, 2009, 10:43 pm
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I was updating songs on my phone when I realised I have tons of piccies!!! Nanti2 tah share ah =) Most of them consists of food pix hahaha (the ones I didn’t get to post here!) also goes to show I eat A LOT kan? =P

I haven’t baked anything for a while now and I miss baking so badly!!! Blame the noons of me not being at home! Inda apa… soon soon. Hehe.

On a different note, I can’t wait for my movie date, coffee date, massage date with you lot =D And something else to look forward too =D =D

Eh random!

I’m now more relaxed in the car (with my sister’s not-so-new driver – him driving of course!) now that he’s familiarised himself with our ‘brunei’ rules hehe. So sis, if you happened to read this, he is quite okay now =) Altho’ dulu, at times, he keeps on thinking it is OK to ‘brakkke’ in the middle of the road to get to the other lane! *sighhh*rolls eyes* I did scare him about so and so and I hope the message gets across! Haha! It’s just so funny coz some things in Indonesia are just different and it means the opposite here!!!

Ahh ok, I’ll continue blogging later, if not tomorrow or the day aftaa~ =P



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darls…awuuuu….kan nangis ku when i had to give away my shoes but apa bleh buat. =o(

Comment by wnr49

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