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Did you switch off the lights?
March 28, 2009, 11:59 pm
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I did! =) Didn’t do much (as in the whole house) but I did switch everything off in my room all the way from 4pm! Hehee!


By 8.40pm, we went off around town to see who’s participating! Nice to see bandar a lil darker tonight! Excuse the blurry pics, I was in the car!


Below, Coffeebean bandar (people hanging out, having coffee in the dark, siuk ehh!!), we went to see CB Gadong, unfortunately they didn’t do the same thing.


Jln. Roberts.


Brunei Hotel (saw a lot of candles in the lobby! Very nice!)


Sheraton Hotel went dark too =)


These two pix below are of NBT Gadong (most probably the darkest building around, langsung nada lampu hehe!) *Thumbs up* You can’t even see the hill, can you? =P



 The Mall, Gadong (below)



If you can’t see anything in those piccies, hehee, that’s the purpose of the Earth Hour I suppose! Nice to see cafes and restaurants going dim with just candlelights on! It might not be as big as the other countries but to know that we all have the initiatives, that’s good enough for a start =)

 Kami inda sampat ke Jerudong, so I didn’t get to see the DST tower, Empire Hotel and elsewhere!  HSBC went dark as well, didn’t get to take a picture of it but we all get the jist. Haha!


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