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April 25, 2009, 2:42 am
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Bikes, pav, briyani and all the good things.
April 19, 2009, 2:20 am
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Opps I did it again! I TERmakan lebih todayyyy! Hhahahaha. Ahh well. It’s only fair to use the ‘weekend’ as an excuse! =P

This is going to be a rojak post as I’m gonna put up pics of FOOD and a bit on others.

I’m gonna say this again, I know I’ve said it for like a thousand times! I LOVE FOODDDD more than anything else! Good food doesn’t always have to come expensive y’know (well, not all the time at least) You can suggest to me the best dish in town and I’m all set to try it! I know where I want to get the things I love whenever the craving hits! From (my chosen) best Indian buttermilk chicken and naan in town, yummy briyani, japanese spicy shake, fluffy custard donuts, the best choco mousse and cheesecakes, the best roti kawin (hehe!), roti kosong, steaks, chops, soto, pasta, nasi lemak, tom yam, oh dear, I can go on and on with no fullstops!!! :s :s You’d be surprise coz some of these don’t come from the very known places in town, you just have to be a tad adventurous on it! =D I’m pretty much blessed coz I have friends who DO NOT CONTROL2 AYU when feasting out! (you should see our puasa buffets to believe it! HAHA) Please lah. Now that we’re on food topic, one of my dearest friends once said to me, “Kalau INDA pandai kan MAKAN itu ini, jangantah jadi kawanku!!!” Hahahahaha!! Spot onnn!

Ehh, sidetracked! So anyways, here comes random!

I spent my Saturday not really knowing where to go so why not check out what’s on with the bike show in Bandar. Sighhh, men with their bikes, they’re sooo proud hahaha! Explains the same for women with their material things huh? *winks* =P I do not know much about choppers but I know it looks good, but when I saw this atv, I went I WANT ONE PLZZZZ!!! :s



Here are some of the bikes on show. Don’t ask me the names, I don’t know hahaha.





Family Pet Corner was there too, was so excited to see their furry pets and I was searching for the iguana BUT once the man with the green snake stood nearby to where I was, I immediately walked away! Heheh takutttt!!! I think I should’ve touched the snake to overcome my fear but MAY BE next time! And I think you have to pay just $1 to see the bigger snakes (and the iguana pun di dalam jua I guess :s :s) Anything else BUT SNAKES! Eeepss!


I know teh c special is overrated (to some!) but I like it!!! =)


Oh! I finally had the taste of Kitchen of Jasmine’s  mini pavlovas!!! Ooo yums! =D Sorry for the blurry pic!


I was craving for briyani come dinner time but I didn’t get lamb, one of these days, I’m gonna have to eat Serikandi’s lamb briyani! The last (and only) time I went there was when they first opened their branch in bandar. must. go. there. soon. and. eat. the. lamb. briyani!!


Hohoho. Ok enough food pix, just one last one I’d like to share. The past month when I was eating at Pizzahut (Mall), the place was packed, I had no choice but to pick the seats next to DQ’s cake fridge!!!! I frowned everytime I had a glance at it!!! I think that fridge is evil!!


Ok. Last one! I promise! Heheheh! Meet my current favourite =D It’s called Mr. Milo Reo.


Ok lovelies, I’m out. Good night!

The weekend.
April 13, 2009, 1:15 am
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Sigh~~ Missing a few people. Missing sucks. But be glad I’ve sorted that one out.

Ohh, did I tell you my plan on watching Jangan Tegur kinda failed-ish coz I was friggin’ 30 minutes LATE for the show! That’s a first! I’ve never been that late to a movie before! =( I’m not sure if I’m gonna go and watch it again coz someone told me the first 30-minutes plot were the scariest shit ever (the one with the nenek haunting her I guess eeeeps!!) :s :s Ok, malas ku cakap it’s midnight right now! :s

Ok, on a random note, I’ve been wanting to rant over something… but it shall pass… or else, pwp post. Sigh.

Missing my girls. Yet again.

Delayed thank-yous.
April 10, 2009, 1:55 am
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First things first;

Thank you Jai for the Shopaholic movie date! =D Nasib jua tani jadi meliat huhu!

Also, thank you to the kind ladies who sat next to my table at Ahan Thai last two weeks, for giving me a huge slice of the ice-cream cake!!! *woohoo!* Yummo =)

Thank you Rina and Hanna for the meet-up. Thank you Hanner for the shirt hehe. Thank you Rina for the Swensens sesh! *goodgood*

I thought there were more..? Heheh nevermind! Kalau ku ingat ada ku post lagi!

So yes, I DID eat the nasi lemak (ALL of it!) and I DIDN’T share NYAHAHAH! It was too good!!! Add that with teh c special… aaahhhhhh!!! =D =D But I skipped on choco banana crepe tsk! Lets just call Thursday ‘cheat day’ ok? =P Diet resumes back to normal later kekeke.

I’ve watched two movies in a row last week, I haven’t been to the cinema for weeks before that. Will be catching ‘Jangan Tegur’  this Saturday, I hope it’s gonna be scaryshit. I liked the first one (Jangan Pandang Belakang, well, because it was the first but it gets really boring when astro showed it on repeat last year during raya hahah!) Congkak was so-so, so yeah Jangan Tegur, please do not disappoint us viewers! =D They showed the trailer before I watched F&F last week, hahaha I squeaked!!! Banci ku trailer horror ani banarnya!!! But I still love them horror movies nonetheless! Haha!

Diet-updates =P
April 9, 2009, 1:46 am
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Hehee. Aku mau kurus mau kurus mau kurusssss!!! I don’t wanna be skinny (nada jua mau skinny bah, jantah prasan hehee) I just wanna tone it down =P

Battling the bulge! Hahhaha. Gosh, it’s harrddd work!!! I guess it helps having to watch The Biggest Loser on Hallmark channel. But it seems like all they do is workout endlessly, it’s a reality tv show anyways, people like us, where got time?? Personal trainer pun nada hahah! And the biggest loser gets a friggin $250k !!!! I don’t even get monetary reward for dieting =P =P

So I’m now on Week5 (I keep a written journal =P), honestly, I’ve cut down the amount of my daily carb intake and also the other fatty stuff (not altogether tho’, heloo, I’m only human hehee! slowly!) only the occasional ice creams and chocolates here and there. Week 5 and I haven’t eaten a proper meal, proper – as in I haven’t had a full platter all to myself for the past four weeks. It’s either (when I’m out) I ordered something light or I share the dish with others, when at home, I try to eat sikittt nasi. Sooo I’m gonna give myself a break later on and I’m gonna digggg right in and order a goodddd nasi lemak!!!! (maybe ALSO choco banana crepe to go for dessert kekeke) Hahahah awuu, teseliur nasi lemak ku ni right now!!! I’m gonna search for a good one later!!! It’s now past midnight and I can’t sleep thinking about it! :s :s

I don’t skip my meals and when I’m too lazy, I try to exercise for AT LEAST 15minutes per day! It’s okayy, I keep on telling myself every minute counts kan? Hehe, it’s all in the head! It’s either I’m on the stationary bike at home, outdoor jogs or the sit-ups in my room. Hehe. Every little bit counts!!!

*On a second thought, I MIGHT wanna share the nasi lemak with someone IF I’m gonna pig out later! Hehee*

You may be thinking, eeww Mal, since when are you so bothered about your weight, what you eat and that’s all you talk about in your blog now?!?! Well, just so you know, I’m THAT VAIN and I’m fat. So kiss it and sheeshh, let me be! =D =D

I’ve lost it.
April 5, 2009, 2:50 am
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I haven’t been blogging properly, yes, I’ve been too lazy (Can’t be bothered to log in even!) I do the frequent checks and that is all :s :s :s

I’ve been missing the lot (sis&co: the weekend IS quiet), if you happened to read my blog, we will skype whenever you’re free munchkins. My munchkins at home are a lil quieter (and moody hehee but Baby Z is soo cute and she’s growing fast!) now I miss the noise!! =( I miss Baby W asking for the Nom Nom Nom vid-clip on youtube, I miss Naia-and-usu-time catching up on Indonesian series on tv and Haziq’s lazy bumbum of course hehee =”) I bet they’re all having boatloads of fun over there!!! *jealousss!*

So anyways, I’ve added the Twitter widget onto this blog, incase I still have visitors checking for updates. At least.

I haven’t gotten any re-confirmation about later’s movie date, Jai, where yous?? xxo. Text me.

The violin duo.
April 2, 2009, 5:11 am
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If you don’t already know, I’ve always been the hiphop and r&b girl at heart! As I tend to get all-rounder now, I forget how much I used to LOVE the beats. Righttt, I’m not gonna talk about that, I’m gonna talk about these men! RTB’s now showing America’s Got Talent (2008) every Saturday nights and I’m hooked to it eversince and they are my favouriteee!!! Not because it’s got a touch of hiphop to it BUT it’s the fusion of hiphop AND their damn hot violins (they play it with PASSION to boot!!!) that’s making me crazy! Hahahah, obviously, I’m a lil impatient and I WILL NOT wait for rtb to air the next stage to find out who goes through, so yeah, bless youtube =D

Them during Top 20. (The vids aren’t clear enough, so you might wanna turn up the volume a bit!)

They got through to the finals! Yayss!

Pheww~ I think they’re hot and they damn know how to make use of the violins! Btw, they’re siblings, they used to just play in subways and they call themselves Nuttin’ But Stringz. I LOVE THEM!!!