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The violin duo.
April 2, 2009, 5:11 am
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If you don’t already know, I’ve always been the hiphop and r&b girl at heart! As I tend to get all-rounder now, I forget how much I used to LOVE the beats. Righttt, I’m not gonna talk about that, I’m gonna talk about these men! RTB’s now showing America’s Got Talent (2008) every Saturday nights and I’m hooked to it eversince and they are my favouriteee!!! Not because it’s got a touch of hiphop to it BUT it’s the fusion of hiphop AND their damn hot violins (they play it with PASSION to boot!!!) that’s making me crazy! Hahahah, obviously, I’m a lil impatient and I WILL NOT wait for rtb to air the next stage to find out who goes through, so yeah, bless youtube =D

Them during Top 20. (The vids aren’t clear enough, so you might wanna turn up the volume a bit!)

They got through to the finals! Yayss!

Pheww~ I think they’re hot and they damn know how to make use of the violins! Btw, they’re siblings, they used to just play in subways and they call themselves Nuttin’ But Stringz. I LOVE THEM!!!


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