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I’ve lost it.
April 5, 2009, 2:50 am
Filed under: Daily

I haven’t been blogging properly, yes, I’ve been too lazy (Can’t be bothered to log in even!) I do the frequent checks and that is all :s :s :s

I’ve been missing the lot (sis&co: the weekend IS quiet), if you happened to read my blog, we will skype whenever you’re free munchkins. My munchkins at home are a lil quieter (and moody hehee but Baby Z is soo cute and she’s growing fast!) now I miss the noise!! =( I miss Baby W asking for the Nom Nom Nom vid-clip on youtube, I miss Naia-and-usu-time catching up on Indonesian series on tv and Haziq’s lazy bumbum of course hehee =”) I bet they’re all having boatloads of fun over there!!! *jealousss!*

So anyways, I’ve added the Twitter widget onto this blog, incase I still have visitors checking for updates. At least.

I haven’t gotten any re-confirmation about later’s movie date, Jai, where yous?? xxo. Text me.


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