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Diet-updates =P
April 9, 2009, 1:46 am
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Hehee. Aku mau kurus mau kurus mau kurusssss!!! I don’t wanna be skinny (nada jua mau skinny bah, jantah prasan hehee) I just wanna tone it down =P

Battling the bulge! Hahhaha. Gosh, it’s harrddd work!!! I guess it helps having to watch The Biggest Loser on Hallmark channel. But it seems like all they do is workout endlessly, it’s a reality tv show anyways, people like us, where got time?? Personal trainer pun nada hahah! And the biggest loser gets a friggin $250k !!!! I don’t even get monetary reward for dieting =P =P

So I’m now on Week5 (I keep a written journal =P), honestly, I’ve cut down the amount of my daily carb intake and also the other fatty stuff (not altogether tho’, heloo, I’m only human hehee! slowly!) only the occasional ice creams and chocolates here and there. Week 5 and I haven’t eaten a proper meal, proper – as in I haven’t had a full platter all to myself for the past four weeks. It’s either (when I’m out) I ordered something light or I share the dish with others, when at home, I try to eat sikittt nasi. Sooo I’m gonna give myself a break later on and I’m gonna digggg right in and order a goodddd nasi lemak!!!! (maybe ALSO choco banana crepe to go for dessert kekeke) Hahahah awuu, teseliur nasi lemak ku ni right now!!! I’m gonna search for a good one later!!! It’s now past midnight and I can’t sleep thinking about it! :s :s

I don’t skip my meals and when I’m too lazy, I try to exercise for AT LEAST 15minutes per day! It’s okayy, I keep on telling myself every minute counts kan? Hehe, it’s all in the head! It’s either I’m on the stationary bike at home, outdoor jogs or the sit-ups in my room. Hehe. Every little bit counts!!!

*On a second thought, I MIGHT wanna share the nasi lemak with someone IF I’m gonna pig out later! Hehee*

You may be thinking, eeww Mal, since when are you so bothered about your weight, what you eat and that’s all you talk about in your blog now?!?! Well, just so you know, I’m THAT VAIN and I’m fat. So kiss it and sheeshh, let me be! =D =D


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GOO MAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I’m rooting for you hun!make sure your goal weight is reasonable. NO NO to crash diets!hahaha.

Good luck babes and keep updating us about it!xx

Comment by wnr49

Goo Malll go go GOOO!!! hahahaah! thank you so much for the cheering-up dearie!!! No crash diets hun, inda jua ku temampu kan crash crash diet ani hahaha, i’m always hungry and it’s all about self-restraint isn’t it =/ poor me. hahahaha.

Yup, sure, will update on it, kalau urang fed-up membaca inda apa~ hehe, it’s a reminder for me anyways. I figure the more i share it on my blog, i get to share it with the rest who have been goin thru the ups and downs of dieting, some people succeed while others failed but it’s OK, it shouldn’t stop there, you CAN always try again.

So far aku baru masuk Week-5, baru kurang 3kg saja!! But ok lah, janji ada sikit sikit heheh =P

Comment by sza

my dear, i always post up my diet shenanigans but then, i lose the weight after so long and then when it creeps up again, i have to blog about it again so TRUST ME!!I won’t EVER be bored. LOL.

good luck again hun and kalau ada tips, post it up!I could use without my muffin top!xx

Comment by wnr49

I know right, susah jua ah ada badan yang capat naik ani! Phewww~ hahaha! But it’s ok lov, you’ve lost the excess weight sudah, so shouldn’t worry much now! You look ok sudah 😉

Comment by sza

YEY mal!!! Keep it up girl.. but yeah don’t skip ur meals.. need to increase metabolism jua.. looking forward to see u back home.. 😛 cut down on the rice.. it really helps.. *hugs*

Comment by masyha

hehhee thanks darlinggg!!! so far the fats are proving to be real tough! inda apaaaa, keep it up saja hahahah!! i cannot skip meals syg, it makes me MORE hungry, yatah paksa watch out the portion saja hehehe! *hugss*

Comment by sza

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