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The weekend.
April 13, 2009, 1:15 am
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Sigh~~ Missing a few people. Missing sucks. But be glad I’ve sorted that one out.

Ohh, did I tell you my plan on watching Jangan Tegur kinda failed-ish coz I was friggin’ 30 minutes LATE for the show! That’s a first! I’ve never been that late to a movie before! =( I’m not sure if I’m gonna go and watch it again coz someone told me the first 30-minutes plot were the scariest shit ever (the one with the nenek haunting her I guess eeeeps!!) :s :s Ok, malas ku cakap it’s midnight right now! :s

Ok, on a random note, I’ve been wanting to rant over something… but it shall pass… or else, pwp post. Sigh.

Missing my girls. Yet again.


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eee..suka ya meliat cerita gitu2…aku ani chicken nyamu!!!hahaaha.

liat iklannya udah katar2!!hahaha.

Comment by wnr49

it is scary … i dont even know why aku suka liat hahaha, aku pun penakut ! =P

Comment by sza

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