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Bikes, pav, briyani and all the good things.
April 19, 2009, 2:20 am
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Opps I did it again! I TERmakan lebih todayyyy! Hhahahaha. Ahh well. It’s only fair to use the ‘weekend’ as an excuse! =P

This is going to be a rojak post as I’m gonna put up pics of FOOD and a bit on others.

I’m gonna say this again, I know I’ve said it for like a thousand times! I LOVE FOODDDD more than anything else! Good food doesn’t always have to come expensive y’know (well, not all the time at least) You can suggest to me the best dish in town and I’m all set to try it! I know where I want to get the things I love whenever the craving hits! From (my chosen) best Indian buttermilk chicken and naan in town, yummy briyani, japanese spicy shake, fluffy custard donuts, the best choco mousse and cheesecakes, the best roti kawin (hehe!), roti kosong, steaks, chops, soto, pasta, nasi lemak, tom yam, oh dear, I can go on and on with no fullstops!!! :s :s You’d be surprise coz some of these don’t come from the very known places in town, you just have to be a tad adventurous on it! =D I’m pretty much blessed coz I have friends who DO NOT CONTROL2 AYU when feasting out! (you should see our puasa buffets to believe it! HAHA) Please lah. Now that we’re on food topic, one of my dearest friends once said to me, “Kalau INDA pandai kan MAKAN itu ini, jangantah jadi kawanku!!!” Hahahahaha!! Spot onnn!

Ehh, sidetracked! So anyways, here comes random!

I spent my Saturday not really knowing where to go so why not check out what’s on with the bike show in Bandar. Sighhh, men with their bikes, they’re sooo proud hahaha! Explains the same for women with their material things huh? *winks* =P I do not know much about choppers but I know it looks good, but when I saw this atv, I went I WANT ONE PLZZZZ!!! :s



Here are some of the bikes on show. Don’t ask me the names, I don’t know hahaha.





Family Pet Corner was there too, was so excited to see their furry pets and I was searching for the iguana BUT once the man with the green snake stood nearby to where I was, I immediately walked away! Heheh takutttt!!! I think I should’ve touched the snake to overcome my fear but MAY BE next time! And I think you have to pay just $1 to see the bigger snakes (and the iguana pun di dalam jua I guess :s :s) Anything else BUT SNAKES! Eeepss!


I know teh c special is overrated (to some!) but I like it!!! =)


Oh! I finally had the taste of Kitchen of Jasmine’s  mini pavlovas!!! Ooo yums! =D Sorry for the blurry pic!


I was craving for briyani come dinner time but I didn’t get lamb, one of these days, I’m gonna have to eat Serikandi’s lamb briyani! The last (and only) time I went there was when they first opened their branch in bandar. must. go. there. soon. and. eat. the. lamb. briyani!!


Hohoho. Ok enough food pix, just one last one I’d like to share. The past month when I was eating at Pizzahut (Mall), the place was packed, I had no choice but to pick the seats next to DQ’s cake fridge!!!! I frowned everytime I had a glance at it!!! I think that fridge is evil!!


Ok. Last one! I promise! Heheheh! Meet my current favourite =D It’s called Mr. Milo Reo.


Ok lovelies, I’m out. Good night!


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Screw the diet man. Life is for living and eating!!xx

Comment by wnr49

NO wafaa no nooo, please don’t say “screw the diet” hahahahahahah!!! Diet, tapi come ujung minggu, makan! =P some of the pics are wayyy overdued from the past month! hehe nada ku makan sekaligus eh. kepisan tu hahahaah!

so, which one do u want again? Hehee !

Comment by sza

everytime I see food pic something in me died a little! HAHAHAHA. you know how in war movies the soldiers put up pictures of their girlfriends/wives/husbands/boyfriends/kids,etc as a motivation to stay alive and go home .. aku GAMBAR MAKANAN! :p

Comment by N25

everything except the motorcyles and the pet corner. HAHAHAHAHHAHA. the cakes, the rice, the pavlovas!hahahaha.

Comment by wnr49


awwhhh~ Soryyy, couldn’t resist posting that up hahaha, skali ku liat the picture folder in my phone, banyak gambar MAKANAN!!! hahahah!! don’t worryyyy, you’ll get home in due time and makan tah sepuas puasnya!! nyahahaha! =P

Comment by sza


Hahaha! you’re in london babe!!! you should be able to get those things similar to above! (best cakes, best ice-blended goodies etc etc!)hahahah, but yeah i get it, nothing beats home food kan? =D

Comment by sza

mahal bah lengs!!!!hahahha sana murah nyamuuuu!

Comment by wnr49

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