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Week 9 & Week 10.
May 17, 2009, 3:41 am
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I’m now in Week 10 with the exercising and whatnot. Lets just say, my Week 9went kaputs, only had two days of slightly fast-paced workout and another two days of lazy-paced workouts. Didn’t exercise for a few days ‘coz I had shoulder-ache (?) yeah, muscle tension on the shoulder areas, I must’ve done something wrong (maybe the push-ups, I HATE doing push-ups and I CHEAT, hahah with knees down!) I’m still not on track with the eating habits but at least, now that I workout on a regular basis, I know I can now jog longer than I usually do, so at least that’s something (coming from someone who doesn’t know how to jog previously hehee!) =)


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so canatah? did you lost tons of weight? aku mau ikut!!

Comment by wnr49

not TONS, my fats are very very stubborn waf!!! Remember when you told me dulu, you tried losing weight and then at one point, it just stops after losing 4kg? Membari sasak hahahha, so.. oh well, i think slow is the way to go. hahaha, buang kes..

Comment by sza

awu. my body didnt want to burn fat anymore. mau nya di liposuction kali!!LOL.

Comment by wnr49

Awu ehh waf, true true,,, if i had that dosh, i’ll lipo here and there like it’s nobody’s business hahahahah!!!

Comment by sza

no wonder no sound2 rupanya bz losing weight niee… hahaha..

Comment by U`11

Jai…nadalahh hahah aku chill saja… mana ada busy banar =) Havent heard from u in ermm.. 2weeks? hahaha i miss uuu!

Comment by sza

iatah kan kau pun lama dah nada kedengaran.. awuu more than 2wks sudah kali inda jumpa.. hahaha..bah bilaa lagiii jumpa?… i miss you tooo..

Comment by U`11

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