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May 25, 2009, 5:19 am
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I haven’t been feeling quite like myself the past few days to be honest. May be it’s one of them days when you have all this sudden frustrations coming your way… you bottled it up as much as you could but then, explode, in the end. The guilt from having (useless) arguments with the people you love, scolding the kiddies just because of the littlest things, missing some people (I’m not even sure if they care…) and at times like this, my mind questions, who are the people who matter the most? Who are being real? And then, the negativity strikes, who are the fake ones around me? (yang ada time happy2 saja, when you’re in your not-so-gloriest phase, they cut you off completely, they don’t listen, they don’t fuckin care, etc etc etc) Sigh. I guess it’s just one of those trying times, people ticked you off, then again, sometimes it’s too much, it’s just not fair.

I don’t usually play the blame game y’know, most of the time I only have myself to blame for everything and I just chose to cry it to sleep, hoping I’d feel better the next day. I keep on telling myself, it’s ok, there’s always a reason for things, it shall pass. And yes, it always does somehow, in a way or another. Most times, I’d prefer having some time-out alone in my room and do some reading or talking to him helps too. But really, nobody likes being moody and cranky and all that, one can only stand THAT much. By that I mean, the one who behaves so, and the receiving end too :s :s :s

Why am I not posting this under the private post? (because she always does, you say) I don’t know…

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Perhaps, may be sometimes I don’t get some people… and why they behave in such manner and it hurts to know that they ignore the unwritten/unspoken rules. Really, is that so much to ask…?

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